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The Zhongke Jufeng integrated concrete mixer is driven by 8x4 with a wheelbase of 1800 + 3000 + 1400. It has stronger trafficability and stability when passing through narrow areas.
The chassis of the vehicle is built according to the original standard of IVECO in Europe. The Corso C9 engine is used and carefully adjusted for the vast area of our country. The fuel efficiency is high, and the fuel consumption is 5% lower than that of the traditional engine. The actual vehicle is 350 horsepower. Matched with it is the fast 9jsd150t-b gearbox.
The cab adopts Hongyan Jieshi M500 flat top cab, streamline modeling, column and side air guide plate structure optimization can effectively reduce the air resistance, so as to further achieve fuel saving. Four point suspension cab ensures comfort even on bumpy road.
The vehicle adopts multi leaf spring suspension, which ensures the carrying capacity of the mixer when passing through the construction site and calmly deals with the complex terrain.
The first powder spraying process for tank vehicles
It is worth noting that this mixer adopts the powder electrostatic spraying process of tank type vehicle, and the "spray + powder spraying" process initiated by the industry replaces the traditional painting process, so that the tank car coating has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, aging resistance and wear resistance. The coating hardness has reached H level, and the service life of tank body has been extended for 5 to 8 years, which effectively improves the attendance rate of equipment and brings long-term and stable benefits to users.
The tank body and mixing blade are made of bw300 special wear-resistant steel with good wear resistance and long service life.
Through the joint research and development of school and enterprise, the structure design and theoretical analysis of the screw blade of the mixer are carried out to optimize the blade structure, improve the mixing performance and the feeding and discharging speed, with higher efficiency.
The feeding hopper has large space, reasonable design angle, fast feeding speed, and is not easy to block and block.
The process upgrade of Zhongke Jufeng integrated mixer reduces the weight of the vehicle on the premise of ensuring the reliability. The actual stirring capacity of the vehicle is 7.04 cubic meters, which meets the requirements of the road. In the selection of lightweight accessories, users can also choose according to their own preferences.
Lightweight accessories
Security guard
If the security is not guaranteed, how can we talk about interests?
The tank body adopts pear shaped structure with small inclination angle, low gravity center and safe and stable form.
At the same time, the hydraulic rotation system of Zhongke Jufeng integrated mixer adopts world-famous brands in the field of fluid power, such as PVL, ZF, PMP, Rexroth, Eaton, Sao, etc., with high quality and high reliability.
中科聚峰一體化混凝土攪拌車,駕駛室在發生碰撞時可整體后移500mm,通過歐洲ECE R29碰撞標準,有效減少撞擊沖擊,保證駕乘人員的安全。
The cab of Zhongke Jufeng integrated concrete mixer can move back 500mm in case of collision. It passes the European ECE R29 collision standard to effectively reduce the impact and ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.
In addition, users can also assemble 360 components according to their needs ° Panoramic monitoring, blind area monitoring, reversing anti-collision and other safety systems, intelligent escort.
In the new trend, the heavy-duty mixer gradually quit, and the lightweight mixer occupies the main field. In addition to meeting the regulatory requirements, a mixer with excellent performance can create higher revenue for users.
In this kind of Zhongke Jufeng integrated concrete mixer, we see the power of 1 + 1 > 2. The integrated product further improves the coordination and stability of the whole vehicle, and enhances the reliability of the product. Since its launch, the Zhongke Jufeng integrated concrete mixer has been continuously delivered all over the country. Behind the widely acclaimed is the Zhongke Jufeng mixer, which takes customer demand as the center and makes products with heart. Strong alliance, "stir" into the industry leader.